Three Unrelated Announcements…

1. Roving Quarter Sale

These are done for the summer. Thanks to everyone who helped to keep my bulging hoard that is my bargain section under control! There will be a proper Quarter Sale in October-ish and I promise it will be bulging and out of control by then again. I have to watch the weather for this since it is held partly outside, so will send out a notice a few days ahead of time.

2. Scrapbook/Yearbook idea for 4-8 year olds

I have a new product in the store that is for young children to record what happens in a year, or store special projects.

Here is the description from the author:

Do you have kids? Do you have grandkids? Do you know someone with a kid? Do you like any of these kids? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then this is the book for you. When I Was series books are activity books for your child to record their childhood. When I Was books will be fun for your child to fill out and complete now, and even more fun for you and them to look back on ten years from now. When I Was is an all-in-one book that has questions for your child to record their interests. It also has fun activities like having your child draw their family, a dinosaur, and other things to show their artistic abilities. When I Was also has pages in the book for your child to attach pictures to keep them safe. The book also has journal pages and pages for them to draw. Finally, at the end of the book, there are instructions on how to make a folder out of the last two pages to store mementos like report cards, school work, or anything else they want to preserve in a safe place. When I Was offers one convenient book to act as a time capsule for your child. Have your child complete them all to see how they changed and grew.

There is one for each year, 4 through 8. It comes in paperback or hardback.

3. Just a fun pronunciation guide

With the recent influx of new homeschoolers to the community, I have been hearing some very creative ways to pronounce certain curriculums. So I thought I would give a guide on how to pronounce these words, so you can look like an old pro. 🙂

  • Apologia….an awesome science publisher, the name really trips people up. It is like “apology” followed by “yuh”—-Apollo-GEE-uh. Frequently mispronounced Apple-LOH-gia
  • Saxon…a math publisher that has been around for decades. It is said exactly as written, though people often insert a “T” as in Saxton. There is no T. No T sound.
  • Usborne…again pronounced as written starting with “Us”, but frequently mispronounced as Osborne, like Ozzy Osborne.
  • Noeo…This science publisher had me stumped. But according to their materials, it is pronounced no-UH-oh.
  • Primer…this isn’t a publisher, but a type of book. And it isn’t just newbies that mispronounce this one. Examples are: Prairie Primer, Math-U-See Primer, McGuffey Primer. It is pronounced “Primmer.” The long-I sound frequently used is the word for a base-coat of paint.
  • IEW vs EIW…not a pronunciation issue at all, just thought I would use this moment to point out these are different curriculums. IEW is the Institute for Excellence in Writing, and EIW is Essentials in Writing.
  • Your lesson for today is now complete. 🙂

Summer hours continue for 2 more weeks, through August 31 (so last open weekend is Aug 26-27). The week of Labor Day we will be open as usual T/W 12-4–no change because of the holiday weekend.


Julie Helms

PA Curriculum Exchange 

  • 25 Ridge Road, Dillsburg, Pa 17019
  • 717-432-9947
  • Open T/W and Fr/Sat 12-4
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  1. Mindy says:

    Very kind of you to post the lesson. Cool idea! We need to come visit soon.

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