About Me

Hello! My name is Julie Helms and my husband is Dave.  We have two daughters in their early twenties. I homeschooled my daughters for ll years (plus a few years of cyberschooling).  We live on a small farm which is the same property the store is located on.

I opened my first curriculum store in Indiana (Northern Indiana Curriculum Exchange) in 1998.  After 2 and 1/2 years we moved to South Carolina, where I opened up my second store (The Curriculum Exchange).  My husband’s work moved us again and we eventually moved back home to PA.  I opened the store here in the spring of 2003. We have been growing ever since!


3 Responses to About Me

  1. Lindsey Flanagan says:

    Hi Julie!
    Wanted to let you know I received the Abeka flash cards and writing tablet in the mail today. Thank you so much for sending them out here to Nebraska! We miss your awesome store and service! Thank you for the blessing you are to so many homeschooling families!

  2. Gilda says:

    I always love to see your face, both in picture and in person. There is just a radiance about you!
    So glad you love this community and make your place so entertaining. WE also love seeing your daughter at church.
    Besides that, could you please order a Wordly Wise Book 10 for me? I don’t see a post or link on your site where we can leave you such a note; or would this just be a terrible way to put in an order? Somehow, your e-mail address is not popping up on my e-mail and I don’t know it by hard.
    Thank you so much.


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