Consignment Policy

Consignment Policy

Update Nov 2022

Due to a huge influx of items over the 2021|2022 season, we are temporarily NOT accepting the following current edition titles:

Abekaany teacher materials not updated in the past 3 years (teacher editions, test/quiz keys, curriculum guides). Also, some of the student texts that match, but this is a little more random (you can email with what you have if you want to know before coming in).

Saxon Math–1st-3rd teacher manuals and 5/4-8/7 solutions guides.

Horizons Math–teacher editions

Singapore primary math–home instructor guides

Math in Focus–all

Well-Trained Mind–Writing/Language Arts curriculum

English From the Roots Up

Spelling Power

Lyrical Science–all

Christian Kids Explore–biology and chemistry

Rod and Staff–most teacher editions

Christian Light–most teacher editions/answer keys

The following current edition items we are no longer accepting permanently due to poor saleability:

Shurley English

Videotext Math

Alpha Omega Lifepacs

Tapestry of Grace


Many of the books and resources at PACE are brought in on consignment by homeschoolers who are no longer using them.

  • Owners receive 50% of what the item sells for after it sells, payable in an annual check mailed to them ($1 fee), or held in cash at the store for pick up (no fee). There is a $25 minimum to mail a check; if this is not reached, it just rolls over to the next year.
  • Consigned items do not have a specific time allowed to remain on the shelf. They will stay there as long as they are current. If there is an edition update, the items may be automatically relocated to the bargain section (exception: if it is an answer key/teacher edition to a workbook that is no longer available, it will be disposed of). The owner is not notified of this change because it generally involves hundreds of books at a time, it is just the natural progression of aging curriculum. Also, books that become overstocked may be moved back to the bargain section even if they are still current. This does not happen frequently, but it is a sign of a flooded market for that particular item.
  • Owners can remove their own books from consignment at any point if they are still on the shelf. There is no charge for this. You must pull your own books though.
  • There is no minimum or maximum quantity required to open account. Just one book is fine, and our current record for a single drop off is 120 boxes! 😲

What we accept for consignment:

  • Most homeschoolbranded curriculum that is in its current edition, with no writing and all pages complete (there is some leeway to this with popular workbooks missing several pages or with 2-3 pages of writing, but the price will be adjusted).
  • Classic reading books, reading books that go with homeschool curriculum (e.g. Sonlight), phonics readers. Also classic series like Little House, Boxcar Children, American Girl, etc. We do accept abridged classics for the bargain section.
  • Supplemental items and educational aids like science equipment, math manipulatives, flashcards, maps, coloring books, videos, audiobooks, games, educational puzzles, felt boards etc. These must be complete with all pieces.

What we don’t accept:

  • Public school textbooks
  • College textbooks
  • Cyber school curriculum
  • Homeschool curriculum old editions (we accept a few popular ones for the bargain section but generally not)
  • Software – depends, but most of this ages out too quickly
  • Sonlight Manuals older than 3 years. Readers that go along with the manuals are fine.
  • Video, DVD, streaming supplemental course materials, like ABeka or BJU streaming programs– Much of this is illegal to resell because you didn’t purchase it, you leased it (the actual textbooks are fine). Also, anything with an end-user license agreement (Eg. Rosetta Stone or DIVE), photocopies or copied CDs.
  • Books in bad shape, written in, or missing pages
  • Antique books – if it is in good shape and a classic title, we might accept it but we have no knowledge of potential collectors value.
  • The Good and the Beautiful (LDS), SDA or Catholic doctrine curriculum.
  • Bibles, adult devotionals, adult Bible studies, Christian titles unrelated to homeschooling programs (exception: we take children’s Bibles)
  • Parenting books

If you’re not sure, bring it in – will sort your books while you wait. Alternatively, you can email us pictures of the ones you aren’t sure about and we will let you know. Unfortunately, from a selling point of view, curriculum does not get better with time. If it’s been sitting in your basement for 20 years, it likely no longer has resale value.

A note about storage: please take care of how you store your books if you wish to resell them. We have to reject boxes of books that have signs of mold or mildew, cat or mouse pee (yes, I can now smell the difference 🥴), bug infestation or water damage. Basement and garage storage is not ideal.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions or if you would like to know your account balance. Email requests are preferred.

Thank you!

Julie Helms


3 Responses to Consignment Policy

  1. Rhonda M. Wise says:

    Glad I got to go for the 1st time today to PACE. Very friendly & helpful!

  2. Diana Rivas says:

    Can’t wait to come in and visit the store

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