Consignment Policy

These are general guidelines for our consignment policy.

Items accepted for consignment: Current edition curriculum, classic books (readers), manipulatives, science supplies/equipment and games (must have all pieces).  We do not accept most computer software (it gets outdated too quickly), old edition curriculum, public school text books, college textbooks, magazines or encyclopedias.

Update 8/21/16 Current edition items we are currently not accepting due to overabundance or poor saleability: 
 Sonlight Teacher Manuals (books used by Sonlight are fine and sell very well)                                Switched on Schoolhouse  older than two years                                                                                                   Rosetta Stone–the company has made this software so it cannot be reused!       
Old edition items to especially remember not to bring in:                                                
 SAT books from before 2015–these will be disposed of.

We accept consignments any day that the store is open, year round. There is no need for a special appointment.  At drop-off you will need to write down your name, address, phone number and email is optional. (Email is never shared; its sole use is if I have a question about one of your items.)

You will receive 50% of what your items sell for.  You can have the payment in cash, store credit or mailed to you in a check. To receive an annual check there must be a minimum of $25 on the account. Your balance will roll over and accumulate month to month until that minimum is met. You can claim any amount in the store… just ask!

We do not record the titles of books you bring in. If this is important to you than you should make a list for yourself of what you leave with us. You will receive a unique consignment number. This number is attached to all your items and when they sell, the price is recorded. This way we track the money owed to you.

Current edition curricula stays on the shelf until it sells, is no longer current, or has flooded the market and there are too many. If there is an edition change or overabundance, the item may be moved to the bargain section, given away or disposed of.  We do not notify you of this change. If there is a particular high-priced item you do not want removed from the regular shelves, please let us know at the time of drop-off. If you don’t want any of your items to possibly go through this process, then it would be better for you not to bring them to us.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions or if you would like to know your account balance. Email requests are preferred.

Thank you!

Julie Helms

1 Response to Consignment Policy

  1. Rhonda M. Wise says:

    Glad I got to go for the 1st time today to PACE. Very friendly & helpful!

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