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Here are some items that are new on the market and available now in the store:

Living Lyrics (handwriting practice with Scripture memory)



Description from the author: How do you use this curriculum?
This workbook is for handwriting practice with the added benefit of Scripture memory.  Most often, a parent or teacher will introduce each letter and how it is to be formed… where to begin and how to connect it, and the pages in the Living Lyrics book are to practice that.  A few of the pages early in the book include #’s and beginning dots, but as the passages get longer, it is assumed that the student is practicing what they know.  Most of all, they are writing and listening to Scripture!  The songs are the Bible verses put to a tune.  Some of the songs are an exact quote, and some are some vary a bit to fit the flow of the song.    But all will hopefully help to press the Scripture passage & its meaning into our memory – as melodies have a way of sticking with us.   All of the pages in the book are taken exactly from Scripture, even if the song varies a bit.  That way the child knows exactly what the Bible verse says.
You an order one style of writing, or if you have children of various ages, you can order a complete book, and then give each student what fits them best.  You can then buy 3 ring binders yourself and section apart the book for each of them.  The complete book comes with basic print, D’Nealian (which is manuscript – a slight tilt and curve to printing), and basic cursive.  Some schools actually begin with manuscript, as many students prefer it, and it can help a student transition easier to cursive.  A lot of schools have dropped cursive, which I think is sad because there is such a flow & connection to using cursive.  I’ve heard that we think differently while doing it.  It lends itself toward artistry.


Writers in Residence (Writing program from Debra Bell)


From the author: Writers in Residence™ is a writing-focused language arts program… High-interest, authentic assignments show kids step by step how to develop the six traits of great writing on every page. Interviews with Christian writers such as Phil Vischer (VeggieTales) and Bill Myers (Wally McDoogle) inspire students to develop their writer’s voice for God’s purposes.


Science in the Age of Reason (the latest installment in the elementary series by Jay Wile)


From the publisher:

Science in the Age of Reason is the fourth book in a hands-on, multilevel elementary science series that introduces scientific concepts using history as its guide. It covers the scientific works of natural philosophers from the early 1600s to the early 1800s. Because the course covers science as it was developed, it discusses a wide range of topics including astronomy, medicine, botany, zoology, chemistry, geology, human physiology, electricity, conservation laws, and weather. Students learn not only the science that was being discovered at the time, but also the beliefs of the natural philosophers who were discovering it. As a result, students can see how a person’s worldview affects his or her scientific conclusions.

Because of its unique design, the course can be used by all elementary-age students. Each lesson contains an interesting hands-on activity that helps illustrate the scientific concept that is being discussed, and it concludes with three different levels of review exercises. Students do whatever review exercise matches their specific level of understanding.

This product is a set consisting of the textbook plus the helps & hints book containing everything the parent/teacher needs to know for the subject.

Kumon workbooks: There are dozens of these colorful titles in math and language arts. I’ll be carrying quite a few of them.



Come by and check them out!


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