Cabin-Fever Bargain-Section Blowout!

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Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange

I don’t know about you, but I have had entirely enough of winter. It is snowing (again!) as I write this. So to chase away those winter blues I decided it is time for a bargain section sale. Plus the books are beginning to grow in piles on the floor as they have overflowed the shelves…


Next Tuesday, April 1 (not an April Fools joke!) and Wednesday (April 2) ONLY–no appointments for this–every item in the Bargain Section ($1 section) will be a quarter. The subjects in that section include Math, History, Science, Language Arts, Readers, Abeka & BJU old edition, Bible, Activities and How-to Homeschool books.


This is a great opportunity to stock up on educational resources. For a quarter, it’s easy, for example, to buy a science book and cut it up to use the pictures for a lap book–no guilt involved. 🙂  So come help me chase away the winter blues and welcome in spring!

Julie Helms
PA Curriculum Exchange
25 Ridge Road; Dillsburg, PA 17019
(717) 432-9947
Open: T/W Noon to six pm
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2 Responses to Cabin-Fever Bargain-Section Blowout!

  1. Tabitha says:

    Are the hours noon to 6 for this sale?

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