Holiday Hours and ….Goatie babies? 😁

Holiday Hours—The store will be open as usual this week: T/W 12-4. Keep us in mind for last minute Christmas shopping. We have lots of games, Knex sets, coloring books, science kits, classic books, etc.

Then we will be closed from Dec 22 until we re-open January 3, 2023. If you have a real urgency, email for an appointment, but we have a lot going on so would prefer for the most part to put off store visits till we re-open.

Kids for Sale—

Frodo (left) and Sam (right), today, 12 days old.

We have 2 Nubian baby boys, Sam and Frodo, born December 6, that are for sale. They are bottle fed, and will be disbudded (dehorned) and neutered. They are as friendly as puppy dogs.

The day they were born. Dec 6, 2022
Frodo learning mountain climbing skills early.
Frodo on rock and Sam, Dec 18
Laverne checks out the new kids on the block….
Taking video of these guys is as easy as organizing spaghetti…so at least you can get the ‘feel’ of what they are like, if not exactly a helpful look at them! 🤣
Sam is the mama’s boy sucking on my finger. Frodo is the great adventurer preparing for his trek to Mt. Doom.

The boys are available together or separately, although goats are herd animals and must be kept with at least one other goat. They are being bottle fed because their mother rejected them from the moment of birth.

They are for sale now for $150 each, if you want to take over bottle feeding (raw cows milk, every 6 hours), or $200 each after Jan 1. They will be always-in-your-pocket friendly.

Their mother is also for sale, $50, if you just need a goat for clearing brush. She is skittish and should never be bred again as she was a horrible mother on every account. She is just under 2 years old. Her name is Wynkyn, one of triplets Wynkyn, Blynkyn, and Nod.

Please email if you have questions. Thanks!

Merry Christmas!!

Julie Helms

PA Curriculum Exchange 

 25 Ridge Road, Dillsburg, Pa 17019


Open T/W 12-4

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