Thanksgiving Hours & Consignment Update

1. Hours for Thanksgiving week… No change. We will be open on Tuesday and Wednesday from 12 to 4 as usual.

2. Due to a significant influx of consignments over the past year or two, there are current edition items we will not be accepting for the time being. I have updated the Consignment Policy page with the list. Please read through this before bringing in your items.

2.5 Bargain Section. I have said this before multiple times, and failed multiple times… I will be cutting back drastically on what I accept for the bargain section. I personally love that section of my store, I think it is very helpful to many people, but the pure volume of books coming through is defeating me. I operate that section of the store at a financial loss, which is fine within reason, but y’all just have too many books!! So if you are bringing books in for that area, I will be cherry-picking what I take. Most of what people bring in really should just be heading to the thrift store. It is hard for me to say no (because I LOVE books and feel they ALL have some educational value…and this is why I’m in this business to start with!) However, the amount of time and money going into the maintenance of this area of my store is extremely burdensome. So I will be more selective in what I accept.


Julie Helms

PA Curriculum Exchange 

 25 Ridge Road, Dillsburg, Pa 17019


Open T/W 12-4

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