Roving Quarter Sale—SCIENCE

This week’s Roving Quarter Sale will be in bargain SCIENCE, from July 26-30.

This includes the topics of experiments, life science, human body/health/nutrition/fitness/sex ed, plants, animals, habitats, earth science, weather, rocks & minerals, space, chemistry, physical science, physics, creation topics, and old edition homeschool brand science curricula. 

It takes up one and a half bookcases. These are normally $1 per book but will now be 25c each (or 25c/$1.00–so a packaged set of 3 books was $3 and is now 75c.)

If you missed the explanation of the Roving Quarter Sale, please see here:

Summer Hours and Roving Quarter Sale!

Consignment reminder—For the time being there is a lot of ABeka we are not accepting:

  • 4th-6th grade—only accepting consumables (workbooks and tests) and Lang Arts readers. No teacher parts or texts.
  • Consumer Math—only accepting texts and tests
  • World History (tests) and Chemistry (lab manuals and tests)
  • Keyboarding (none)
  • Bible 7th-12th (none)
  • What we need—3rd grade…everything!

Other current curriculum not being accepted due to overstock:

  • Horizons Math TEs
  • Saxon Math 1st-3rd TEs (but we REALLY need 5/4-8/7 texts, and Alg 1/2-Alg 2 solutions manuals)

And finally, curriculum we have permanently discontinued accepting due to unsaleabilty:

  • Videotext Math
  • Shurley English
  • Weaver
  • Lifepacs


Julie Helms

PA Curriculum Exchange 

  • Open T/W and Fr/Sa 12-4
  • 25 Ridge Road, Dillsburg, Pa 17019
  • 717-432-9947
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