Roving Quarter Sale—May 10-14

This week’s Roving Quarter Sale will be in bargain SCIENCE.

This includes the topics of experiments, life science, human body/health/nutrition/fitness/sex ed, plants, animals, habitats, earth science, weather, rocks & minerals, space, chemistry, physical science, physics, creation topics, and old edition homeschool brand science curricula.

It takes up one and a half bookcases. These are normally $1 per book but will now be 25c each (or 25c/$1.00–so a packaged set of 3 books was $3 and is now 75c.)

If you missed the explanation of the Roving Quarter Sale, please see here:

Quick note about our farm—The store is located at our home on a small farm with animals. However, we are not set up to be a petting zoo. It is not safe for children to wander around the animals or the farm equipment. It is fine if an adult would like to walk with their children to look at the animals. But the kids should not do this alone. We have had children get hurt, animals get hurt, and equipment damaged. Thank you for your cooperation in this!


Julie Helms

PA Curriculum Exchange 

  • 25 Ridge Road, Dillsburg, Pa 17019
  • 717-432-9947
  • Open T/W and Fr/Sat 12-4
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