News from the Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange

Summer hours are over. We return to our regular hours Tue/Wed 12-4 and other days by appointment.

Overstock sale: A few things I have way too much of are on sale until further notice.

1. Diana Waring’s V1. Ancient Civilizations and V2. Romans, Reformers Audio CDs—What in the World, Digging Deeper, and Tall Tales. $5 per set. (V3 is excluded and are available at the usual 40% discount).

2. Alpha Omega Lifepacs. I have 2 bookcases stuffed with Lifepacs in every subject and most grades. They are now $1/Lifepac and $3 per teacher edition, regardless of whether they are new or consigned. Ignore current price tags—there are hundreds of them and I’m not going to reprice them.

3. Bargain section—these are recent additions to the bargain section. Apologia 2nd edition Physical Science and General Science, and 1st edition Botany and Astronomy; Winston Grammar; Shurley English. All $1/piece.

Quarter Sale: Aiming for a date in October. It is weather dependent so I’ll put out the notice about 5 days in advance. For the newbies, this is when the books in the Bargain Section (usually 5-7,000 books) are 25c each.

Julie Helms

  • PA Curriculum Exchange
  • 25 Ridge Road; Dillsburg, PA 17019
  • (717) 432-9947
  • Open T/W 12-4
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