Re-opening May 19

News from the

Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange

Dear homeschoolers,

I have decided to re-open the store. We will be operating on different days/hours than before:

  • Tues/ Wed
  • 12-4

Some of my thoughts in regards to the governor’s suggestions…

  • Face masks I’m not a fan as I don’t think homemade masks are particularly healthy for the wearer. So they will be optional. If you prefer to be in an environment where everyone is wearing face coverings, please make an appointment and I will accommodate you.
  • Distancing The store is not large, but generally doesn’t get too crowded (quarter sale days don’t count!) When it does feel crowded it’s usually because there are a lot of children. So if you have an option to leave young kiddos home with dad, swap with another homeschool mom, or bring grandma and let her watch them in the car, that would help ease any overcrowding. But it’s not required. If you are with a group that would like to come, contact me for an appointment. I have also added 2 days to my normal days to help spread people out. I plan to increase hours once summer comes.
  • Sanitation I will be diligently cleaning surfaces. However, with 40,000 books…total decontamination isn’t exactly possible. So if that’s a problem, bring gloves. The children’s play area will be removed for the duration for this reason.

Other thoughts:

  • Consignments Yes, I’m taking them (always!). However, in the very near future “bargain” items will be boxed up and stored till the next quarter sale. I am near capacity in that section now. If you don’t want that to happen to your books, I will return them to you as I sort them.
  • Quarter Sale Sorry, not happening till everything is back to normal. It’s the opposite of social distancing…it’s a happy homeschooler jumble!
  • Uncomfortable Coming In the Store? No problem… I will continue shipping books, doing porch pickups, and making private appointments. Just ask!

Please feel free to email me with any questions.

Thank you!

Julie Helms

  • PACE
  • 25 Ridge Rd
  • Dillsburg, PA 17019
  • 717-432-9947
  • Hours: T/W/F/Sa. 12-3

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5 Responses to Re-opening May 19

  1. This is the best email I’ve gotten in a long time! So glad  you’ve decided to re-open. Life should go on now that we’re not all dead.  Meredith 

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  2. starsinthesky13 says:

    I will no longer be supporting you. Thank you

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  3. Sandy Lauer says:

    I love ❤️ this and you Julie!

  4. Levi and Alicia Forrester says:

    I just want to say “Way to go!” And “I support you and applaud you!” God bless!


  5. Muriel Hergenroeder says:

    Good luck with your reopening and thank you for your common-sense approach!!

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