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Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange

The governor issued a stay-at-home mandate for seven counties in Pennsylvania today. This does not include York or Cumberland or nearby counties yet. But he did say the entire state would come next.

I think at that point I will not be permitted to mail books or do contact-free porch pick-ups. So I want to encourage you, that if you think you’ll need books over the next few weeks to please contact me as soon as possible with your lists. Also remember I have tons of classic readers to make up what you may be missing from the library. I can take payment through PayPal or credit card.

You also can drop off consignments, leaving them on the porch with your name on them. If you’ve never consigned before, contact me first so we can go over what is acceptable. If you already are a consignor, you do not need to tell me first.

This is a tough time for everybody. As the owner of a small business coming into what was supposed to be my busy season, it is very difficult for me. I do appreciate all the support people have given me. Please remember when you buy from me, you not only support me but other homeschool families, as half of my sales of consigned books goes to these families. Consigned books constitute about 95% of my 35,000 to 40,000 books in stock.

If you are a consignor and want the money you have earned at this point, please contact me. I can pay you for what you have sold to date through PayPal (free) or with a check ($1 fee). You can also always apply your credit to an order.

The best way to contact me is through email at PACEbooks@live.com. I will get back to you immediately, since I don’t have much going on right now!

Thank you for 18 years of support. The homeschooling community makes me love my job.


25 Ridge Rd., Dillsburg, PA, 17019



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