Consignment Update: What NOT to bring

Happy 2020!

I’ve owned a curriculum store for 22 years, and this particular one for 17–and I love my job! 🙂

For the first time ever, I need to seriously curtail the amount of books I accept on consignment. I can’t tell you how HARD this is for me. I love books passionately and saying no to a book is like the worst kind of diet for me. It hurts!

However, my customers’ loyalty and generosity in sharing their books with me have outstripped my ability to properly house and care for all of these gently used treasures of knowledge. It was a banner year for consignments: this summer I received an average of 50-80 boxes of books per week. In December, historically the slowest month of the year for this business, I got in 20-30 boxes/week. This is a phenomenal number of books. And space-wise, I can’t keep up with this volume of incoming books.

So here are the changes:

  • Complete moratorium on the bargain section. I’m not due for a bargain sale for a few months yet, and it’s already packed. I will no longer be taking old edition anything, books/workbooks that came from Ollie’s or Five Below or Sam’s Club. No public school texts. No books on parenting, devotionals or Bible studies, even no how-to books on homeschooling with a copyright before 2010. No older editions of Abeka, BJU, Saxon, Apologia, Story of the World, Math-U-See, Teaching Textbooks, Classical Conversations, Notgrass, and Mystery of History (please note v1 is in 3rd edition now.) My only itty bitty bargain exception–I will keep taking I Can Read style books and Abeka readers that are one edition old.
  • No current editions of the following (either the market is flooded and I have tons on the shelf or they are nonsellers): Shirley English, Sonlight manuals, Weaver, Konos, dictionaries, atlases, Spanish or French dictionaries (Latin is fine), Abeka French and Spanish, BJU Spanish 1 and 2. Saxon K-3 TMs, Saxon texts 54, 65, Alg 1/2, Alg 1, Advanced Math, Calculus (76, 87, Alg 2 and Geometry are fine), Horizons Math TE old covers (even though content never changed). Many of these I sell at vastly reduced prices–don’t buy them new!
  • Current editions I still accept for now, but you might not want to bring them due to the volume I already have on the shelf: Apologia elementary science texts, Math-U-See and Teaching Textbooks up through Alg 2, Diana Waring’s (AIG) history series, Life of Fred elementary math, My Father’s World elementary manuals.

You don’t have to memorize these lists. They are just for guidance when you decide whether or not to consign. I can do a quick sort when you come in.

May you have a blessed new year!


Julie Helms

  • PA Curriculum Exchange
  • 25 Ridge Rd
  • Dillsburg, PA 17019
  • 717-432-9947
  • Open T/W 12-6 and by appt.
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