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Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange

This week we will (hopefully) be completely switching my consignment records from my trusty note cards over to a computerized system in the Cloud. My computer code-writing daughter is dragging me into the 21st century! The paper method has served me well for the past 21 years, but at nearly 1000 active consignor accounts it has become unwieldy and extremely labor-intensive during my annual payment time.

Not only will it make the work load easier for me, it will also benefit you, in that I can pay you in real time. Up till now, if you came in the store and asked for your money, I could give you what you had earned up to the end of the previous month. Now I will be able to pay you earnings through that same day.

However, like all wonderful things, it comes with a cost. There will be a $1 processing fee charged to me for each check I mail. That may not sound like a lot, till you multiply it times nearly 1000 checks! So I will be passing that fee on to people who receive checks. BUT you can choose not to receive checks and simply pick up your money in the store at no charge. Checks are mailed once a year for all accounts at $25+.  Cash can be claimed in the store for any amount (no minimum) and as often as you want.

Your Response:

If you want me to mail your check as usual for $25 or more and automatically have $1 deducted, you do not have to do anything–all accounts will default to this option.  This is generally necessary for people who live far away or no longer homeschool.

If you want your money held until you pick it up, you need to contact me and I will put a HOLD on your account. Money will just continue to accrue until you come in for it. Your money will never go away–it will patiently await you. You can change the status back to ‘mail check’ at any time.

To Contact Me:

You can-

  • email me directly
  • hit ‘reply’ if you got this post in an email
  • comment below if you are reading it online (it won’t post the comment till I ‘approve’ it, which I won’t)
  • contact me through FB or Messenger.
  • Please don’t call, because…well, 1000 consignors!

You need to simply leave HOLD as your message and make sure your real name is attached to the message. I will acknowledge every message (thumbs up or ok, etc) so you know I got it–but give me a week or two, then contact me again if I didn’t respond.

Side Notes:

  1. If you feel your account is dwindling (maybe because it’s been awhile since you last consigned) and you are ready to close it out, I can send a check (-$1) for lesser amounts than $25. You just need to contact me, it won’t happen automatically.
  2.  I checked with other homeschool businesses like mine to see how they handled this. One store refused to send checks to anyone within 50 miles and another deducted 20%!!
  3. Also, this new system will allow me to take credit cards at some point. I hope to have this up and running by the new year, but I will let you know when that happens. Until then we will remain at cash, check and Paypal as acceptable payment methods for sales.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. And thank you for entrusting me with the sale of your books!

Julie Helms
  • PA Curriculum Exchange
  • 25 Ridge Road; Dillsburg, PA 17019
  • (717) 432-9947
  • Open T/W 12-6



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