Expansion, Reorganization, and a Gentle Chaos

News from the

Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange

We are excited to be making some BIG changes that will ease the squeeze in the store. WE ARE OPEN AS USUAL throughout.

We added a small building about 10 feet behind the store and have installed 22 new bookcases in there. This is the new home for Alpha Omega, CLE, ACE, Rod & Staff, Art, Music, Games, and the Bargain Section. I’m calling it the Book Barn. You will access the new building through the back door of the store where the Bargain Section used to be:


This part of the renovation is mostly done–still waiting for the carpet, and the shelves are not well-labeled yet. Also, we will put down a flagstone path in the spring (sorry–gotta slog across the wet grass till then).

The choas part is inside the main store. I now have the equivalent of about 20 empty bookcases that over the next few weeks I will be expanding some of the over-stuffed sections in to.

About 1/3 of all the books will eventually end up somewhere they didn’t use to be, so PLEASE please ask when you are looking and can’t find something. We can search for it together. 🙂

So please pardon our mess and thanks for your patience as we get through this. It should be a whole lot easier to shop when all is said and done.


Julie Helms
  • PA Curriculum Exchange
  • 25 Ridge Road; Dillsburg, PA 17019
  • (717) 432-9947
  • PACEbooks@live.com
  • Open T/W 12-6
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