Winter Update

News from the

Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange

Newly Discounted:

The vast majority of my Usborne and DK titles (hundreds of them) have been discounted to $1.00. This does include some of the ones used for Sonlight and My Father’s World.

I also have a crate dedicated to Dinosaur titles. Some are titles from Answers in Genesis or other creation ministries. All of them are $1.00.

Graduation Around the Corner:

It may still feel like deep winter, but if you have a senior then graduation is just a few months away! Please remember we have a variety of caps and gowns in stock that will save you a lot of money for this single-use item. They are $8-$10.

Bargain Section:

FYI my bargain dollar section is at capacity (I know, again!) All bargain books brought in on consignment from now until the next quarter sale (6-8 weeks) will be boxed and stored until the sale. In other words, they won’t be put up for sale at $1.00, but will go directly for $.25. So keep that in mind if you plan to consign. (There is no change for regular, non-bargain books–they will be shelved normally.) I’ve asked people to be more mindful of what they bring in for bargain–and you all have! But the volume is just outta this world–I just can’t house it all. As a reminder I currently will not accept the following (that I used to): Christian self-help unrelated to homeschooling, devotions, Bibles, Chicken Soup, cyberschool curriculum, and old edition teacher manuals without the student parts.

The flip side to this, is there is one heck of an awesome quarter sale coming up! I’m thinking late March/early April. I’m not trying to be cagey about the date–but after scheduling the one last spring for a day we had a blizzard that the Governor asked people to stay off the roads! I want to wait and see if it looks clear in the 10-day forecast. šŸ™‚


Julie Helms
  • PA Curriculum Exchange
  • 25 Ridge Road; Dillsburg, PA 17019
  • (717) 432-9947
  • Open T/W 12-6
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