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Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange

Hours: Starting June 2, we will be opening for extended hours for the summer. Tue/Wed 12-6 and Fri/Sat 11-2. I’ll make an announcement right before they go into effect.

Consignments: We accept consignments year round. But this is the BEST time to bring them in so they are on the shelf for the heavy shopping summer season. Please keep it to current edition homeschool curriculum and classic books, manipulatives and science equipment. People tend to bring me a lot of the following–please don’t, they aren’t worth anything in my store. Bless Goodwill with them instead: Old editions, public school/cyberschool/college texts, Christian reading (Bibles, devotions, Bible studies, nonfiction), how-to books unrelated to homeschooling, and parenting books. You can bring in books any time I’m open–no appointment needed. Or if I’m not open, then leave them in front of the store door with your contact information–put your name on each box/bag.

Quarter Sale: We will be having one in June. I’ll announce the date next week. Hoping this one won’t be sidelined by a snowstorm again. 😉

Recycle: We gladly take donations of plastic grocery bags and milk crates, if you’ve got them laying around! I could also use egg cartons for our farm. For you, I have an unlimited supply of reusable ice packs. They just toss them at my husband’s work after one use–really wasteful and it drives me crazy. You can let me know ahead of time if you want me to set aside a certain number for you (and your friends and family) or just help yourself to what I have sitting out here.

PA History: Looking for some options to teach PA History? I now carry Sandy Sieber’s series of books.

Click here for her website and explanation of the contents: PA History


Julie Helms
  • PA Curriculum Exchange
  • 25 Ridge Road; Dillsburg, PA 17019
  • (717) 432-9947
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