Holiday Hours; Rod & Staff and Singapore Math

News from the

Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange

Holiday Hours:

We will be open for all our regular times this week: Friday/Saturday 11-2 and Tuesday/Wednesday 12-6.

Curriculum Updates:

Rod & Staff–We have had a large influx of R&S over the past 2-3 weeks. I think we have just about every student text and teacher’s book in the catalog, including the upper grades.

Singapore Math–A large quantity of this has come in too. Mostly textbooks and instructor’s guides, but some workbooks, too.

Bargain Section–Hard to believe, but we are overflowing in this area already. It is probably about 80% new stuff since the sale. So even if you came then–it’ll be all new if you come check it out again! The next quarter sale will be in September. I think we’ll have to start hanging the books from the rafters by then, but it’s all good. There is no such thing as too many books. πŸ™‚

As I’ve said before, feel free to send me your book lists if you are trying to gather readers especially for Sonlight, Notgrass, My Father’s World, or Heart of Dakota. I will hold the lists through the summer and notify you as soon as the books come in. I’ve also started a “wish list” for individual items. (Before, I would have told you to call back and check every two weeks). So just drop me an email with what you are looking for and I will keep an eye out for the summer. If I call you with it but you already got it some other way in the meantime that’s totally fine.

Happy Independence Day!

Julie Helms
  • PA Curriculum Exchange
  • 25 Ridge Road; Dillsburg, PA 17019
  • (717) 432-9947
  • Open: T/W Noon to 6, F/Sat 11-2
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