Quarter Sale! Also Updates on Teaching Textbooks, Math-U-See and Sonlight

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Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange

First, I’d like to apologize for putting the wrong hours up in one area here. I am NOT open Thursdays.  Summer hours are T/W 12-6 and Fri/Sat 11-2.

Quarter Sale: This sale is over

It is time once again to thin out my Bulging Bargain Bookshelves!  Each item in the bargain section will be a quarter (25¢). Sets of books are 25¢ per item. This includes the BIGGEST ever selection of books from my bargain area (more than 7,000) from the topics of math, science, history/geography, language arts, readers, Bible, homeschool helps, and old edition BJU and Abeka.


This is a great opportunity to stock up on educational resources. For a quarter, it’s easy, for example, to buy a science book and cut it up to use the pictures for a lap book–no guilt involved. :-)

This sale will be Tuesday June 14 and Wednesday June 15 from noon to 6pm and Friday June 17 and Saturday June 18 from 11-2.

Young children are always welcome in the store, but if you have an option to not bring them this week–it would probably be safer for them 😉  (I’ll be temporarily removing the play area this week since it’s in the bargain section and there is just no room if we add in people, too).

I will be accepting consignments. (I take them year-round, no exceptions.)

Curriculum Updates

Teaching Textbooks:

Version 1.0 (not self-grading in the upper grades):

  • 7th CDs and Worktext $60, CDs only $50
  • Pre-Algebra CDs and Worktext $40, CDs only $30
  • Algebra 2 CDs and Worktext $40
  • Geometry CDs only $30
  • Pre-Calc CDs and Worktext $92.45 (this is current till the fall).

Version 2.0 (Current):

  • 6th CDs only $77.97
  • Algebra 1 CDs and Worktext $110.94
  • Algebra 2 CDs and Worktext $110.94


Math-U-See: (all TE sets include Instruction Manual and DVDs)

  • Alpha TE set (2 copies) $21.50
  • Beta TE set (5 copies) $25.80
  • Gamma TE set (5 copies) $26.45
  • Delta TE set $26.45
  • Epsilon TE set $27.00
  • Pre-Alg TE set (5 copies) $29.40
  • Algebra 1 TE set (5 copies) $34.20
  • Geometry TE set $34.20
  • Algebra 2 TE set (2 copies) $43.20; Student set $19.20
  • Pre-Calc TE set $43.20
  • Stewardship TE set (2 copies) $34.20

I also have algebra/decimal inserts, fraction overlays, and skip counting songs. (No blocks right now).


Sonlight: Readers…we have readers…a really lot of them! Please check with us before you buy them new. I literally have thousands of them, all at half price. Even if you checked a month ago, check again–they have been flooding in in large quantity. Same goes for Notgrass readers–we have gotten quite a few in over the past month.

Hope to see you next week!

Julie Helms
  • PA Curriculum Exchange
  • 25 Ridge Road; Dillsburg, PA 17019
  • (717) 432-9947
  • PACEbooks@live.com
  • Open: T/W Noon to 6, F/Sat 11-2
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1 Response to Quarter Sale! Also Updates on Teaching Textbooks, Math-U-See and Sonlight

  1. Lynda Olson says:

    Hi Julie, I’m interested in the Teaching Textbooks for 7th grade, but when you say it is not self-grading in the upper grades, I wasn’t sure if 7th grade is included. Is the 7th grade set self-grading? Thanks, Lynda

    Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2016 02:03:58 +0000 To: lyndaolson123@hotmail.com

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