Homeschool Fiction Writing Contest 2016

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Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange

The PA Curriculum Exchange is sponsoring a fiction writing contest open to all homeschoolers in Pennsylvania from ages 11-18. Real cash prizes will be awarded for first and second place!

You can submit fiction in the form of flash fiction, short story, or a novel excerpt. There are two groups: Ages 11-14 and 15-18. First and second prize will be awarded for each group.

First place winners in each group will receive $50 cash. Second place will receive $20. All four winning entries will be published on this blog.

Group 1    Age 11-14    1st place:$50  2nd place:$20

Group 2   Ages 15-18  1st place:$50  2nd place: $20


The Details:

  1. Submit your work of fiction in one of the following forms:
    1. Flash Fiction (or a short, short story)—Tell your story in 1,000 words or less.
    2. Short Story—2,500 word maximum.
    3. Novel—An excerpt or chapter from your novel up to 2,500 words. If it isn’t the first chapter of the book, include a brief synopsis for background info. Synopsis should not exceed 300 words and is not included in the word count and will not be judged.
  2. Entry fee is $2 per entry. Two entries per person allowed.
  3. Entries can be mailed, emailed, or dropped off at the store (addresses below).
  4. Deadline is February 12, 2016. Winners will be announced here on this blog on March 25, 2016.


Entries should be typed or computer printed, double-spaced, double-sided, and stapled. Put a heading on the first page (or include a cover page) with the following info: Name, Age, Address, Email, Phone Number, Category (flash fiction, short story, or novel excerpt), and Word Count (exclude title, heading, and synopsis in count). If emailing, send as an attachment, preferably in MS Word.



Entries will be judged on

Following directions 10%

Grammar, spelling, mechanics 30%

Craftsmanship and style 30%

Originality of story 30%

There will be a volunteer panel of four judges that include a writer, two editors, and a librarian. All are experienced homeschool moms or homeschool graduates.



Fine Print:

*No poetry or nonfiction.

*Work must be original and not previously published.

*Parents must not help in the writing or proofreading of the entry. They can help with brainstorming, but the written work should be completely that of the student.

*Contest is open to any child currently being homeschooled in PA.

*All entries remain the property of the writer, except permission is given for the winning entries to be posted on the PACE blog. If you enter a hard copy, keep a digital copy in case it is the winning entry. It will need to be forwarded for publishing on this blog.

*Entries won’t be returned.

*Mailed entries must be postmarked by February 12, 2016.  Late entries or entries without the $2 fee won’t be considered.

*Entries mailed or dropped off should have the $2 fee per entry included. Emailed entries can pay through Paypal, but add a $1 fee (no matter how many children in family or entries per child submitted—$1 max), to help cover the Paypal fee.

*Multiple entries or multiple children in a family can submit their entries together.

*I’ll send an email confirmation receipt for all mailed and emailed entries.

*I would like to run this contest on a regular basis. If you have a business that would be interested in sponsoring one, let me know. I would love to increase the prize amounts and/or the number of winners or categories for future contests.

Mail to or drop off during store hours to:

25 Ridge Road
Dillsburg, PA 17019

Email to:


Payments to

Feel free to forward this information to other homeschoolers, co-ops, groups, etc.

Julie Helms
PA Curriculum Exchange
25 Ridge Road; Dillsburg, PA 17019
(717) 432-9947
Open: T/W Noon to six pm




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