Graduation Gowns

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Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange

It’s probably a little late for this year, but if you are anticipating your soon-to-be Senior graduating next year, I wanted to let you know we have several used graduation gowns in.

1. Gown only (black), worn once, Jostens brand,  size: 5’10”-6’0   $8

2. Cap and Gown (black), worn once, Jostens brand,  size: 5’1″-5’3″   $10

Have a great day!

Julie Helms
PA Curriculum Exchange
25 Ridge Road; Dillsburg, PA 17019
(717) 432-9947
Open: T/W Noon to six pm, Sat 10-2
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3 Responses to Graduation Gowns

  1. PrDama Sellers says:

    Julie Can you let me know if you get a royal blue cap in ever? Please Thank you Angie

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