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I’ve got some fun stuff to share with you. Here is a penmanship program called New American Cursive. There are three books in the series. It is a Palmer handwriting that was created to remove unnecessary strokes. It reminds me of the simplicity of Handwriting Without Tears but retains a more traditional letter shape. The curlicues have been removed, and the books are bound at the top to give lefties equal access!



Next up are several products to accompany the Apologia science curricula. These are lapbooks that have been created to go with any of the elementary or secondary Apologia Exploring Creation science books. They come in CD format or already printed out. Interestingly, for the secondary level you can even choose between first and second edition, in case you are working from an older book.  I have an Exploring Creation with Physical Science (2nd ed) Lapbook Journal in stock to look at. I can order any of the others or the CDs if you are interested. The journal is several inches thick with hundreds of pages and contains a vast array of material to help reinforce the concepts learned in the course. This would be ideal for kids who need to do more than just read to learn the material. (Please read the description under each picture)


The Lapbook Journals come in every Apologia science title, all editions. It comes in CD format or already printed out. There is a chapter and a chunk of pages for every module in the curriculum.


These are the colorful lapbook cardstock sheets that are used to organize material that has been learned into interesting forms.


Also included are lab sheets for the experiments. You can choose between fill-in-the-blank lab sheets to write up the materials and procedures, or if time is tight, you can use their already filled in page (shown on right above). Then either way you choose, you fill in the blank page with results and conclusion (shown on left).

This book of pages is literally fatter than my phone book–it is huge! The retail price is $75, but I will be charging $60 as an introductory price for the next month. The CD format is about half the price, but I am not sure how much savings there is after you pay (in time and money) for printing out all the pages you will need. They recommend using a 3″ binder to store all the papers.


This is another product that goes with the Apologia secondary science curriculum: Vocabulary Cards. Again, I have the Physical Science in stock but can order any of them.


These flash cards are divided by module and have the word on one side with the definition on the other. There are cards available for  7th through 12th and include Human Body and Marine Biology. $12.34


And to end with something fun…. these cute math story books came in on consignment.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAThe four Sir Cumference titles are:

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi
Sir Cumference and the Sword of the Cone
Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland
Sir Cumference and the First Round Table

They are for sale individually at $4.17 each.


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