October 17, 2012 Update

News from the

Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange

I just came across a neat opportunity that may appeal to some of my subscribers… Do you love curriculum and blogging? If so, this site is looking for active homeschoolers to review and blog about new curriculum as part of a larger group. You can apply here:



I got in quite a few books this week. Of note is:

Another slew of Sonlight titles (about a hundred new books). Even if you don’t use Sonlight curriculum their choice of classic readers and biographies is wonderful.

Rod and Staff (under 5th grade) including lots of reading workbooks unused.

Art History for young children. I have a huge selection of kid-friendly full-color biographies of famous artists and books of collections based on topics (famous paintings with horses or kittens, etc.) Some of them are from the Veritas Press catalog. They are just beautiful!

Eggs–my hens have put it in high gear for the time being and I have eggs. Free-range, pastured hens that have never been treated with hormones, antibiotics or chemicals of any kind. We even treat for possible parasites with natural methods. These are HEALTHY eggs! I am not taking standing orders but feel free to call before coming and I will reserve what you want. $2.50/dozen.

Please remember I am happy to take appointments if you cannot come on a regular store day. Please call or email a day in advance.


Julie Helms
PA Curriculum Exchange
25 Ridge Road; Dillsburg, PA 17019
(717) 432-9947

Open T/W noon to six

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2 Responses to October 17, 2012 Update

  1. Beverly Smith says:

    I am in need of Math U See Delta dvd and teacher book. Do you have and if so can you tell me pricing. Looking for cheapest set, b/c I transfered a bunch of my kiddos and have bought 4 levelsl already this year. Thanks, Bev Smith

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