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News from the

Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange

I have some more new and used items to showcase this week. First the NEW:

This Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps and Timelines is amazing. With several hundred glossy pages, spiral bound, it graphically displays many aspects of the Bible. Usable for a kid, but fascinating for mom and dad’s Bible study too. I got one for myself as soon as I saw it.

(Retail is $29.99…SPECIAL through the end of April $24)


Saxon Math K-3 Manipulative supplies.  This is all the manipulatives required for all 4 years. It comes in it’s own plastic tote. (Retail $83.85….my price $75).

I also have many of the components used and for sale individually.


Looking for an elective science? How about The Book of Astronomy by Memoria Press. There is a student and teacher edition. And it makes sense coming from Memoria Press, famous for it’s Latin curricula, that this astronomy course also emphasizes the Latin names, like for the constellations! (My price $30.30/set)


Now on to the USED items:

While we are talking about astronomy, wouldn’t this go nice with that course?

This LL Bean by Celestron telescope was about $150.00 new. My price $50.


Used by the Sonlight program we have 3 grades of the Mathtacular DVDs (Retail  $24.99….my price $14.99 each) Click here to see a preview and 3 video samples of the DVDs.


This isn’t a new item at PACE but it has become a plentiful one. We have Joy Hakim’s A History of US in 1st, 2nd and 3rd editions. You can buy the whole set or individual volumes. (My price: 1st edition $5 each, 2nd edition $7 each, 3rd edition $9.57 each)


I have set aside a section for My Father’s World books. Right now I have just the manual shown above plus many of the books that go with it, and the books that go with My Father’s World First Grade. Always ask when looking for these books in the store, since some are filed with Sonlight Curriculum or by topic elsewhere. All of these are 40%-50% off the catalog price.


School House Rock DVD– a collection of all 46 original animations! Retail $19.99…my price $6)


Don’t forget the Alpha Omega 20% off NEW sale continues through the end of April (includes Lifepac, SOS and Horizons).

Julie Helms
PA Curriculum Exchange
25 Ridge Road; Dillsburg, PA 17019
(717) 432-9947
Open T/W noon to six
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