Some Christmas Gift Ideas

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Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange

I hope all is going well with you as you prepare for the Christmas season with shopping and cooking and decorating and wrapping! I wanted to just give you a few gift ideas that we have available in the shop.

1. The MindWare coloring books have been very popular with kids, especially the Extreme Dot-to-Dots—up to 1,400 dots in one picture! After you connect the dots the picture can be colored in. Dot-to-dot titles include animals, dinosaurs, mythical creatures and explorers. Please click here for more pics and info on Mindware books.

2. Lots of Dice! I carry many types of educational and funny dice. See this post for pictures of all the different types. The most popular seller has been the microdice shown below with a regular-sized parts of speech die.

3. Now for what every educationally minded child needs for Christmas: Giant Stuffed Microbes! This unique collection of cuddly germs, including mad cow disease, is $6.

Squeezably soft--red blood cells, white blood cells and Mad Cow disease, all displayed proudly in their own petri dishes!

4.  I also have a selection of a variety of Christmas-themed books from story books, to crafts, to adult novels. There are more than 40 and most of them are priced at $1.

The shop will be open for regular hours thru Dec 16 and then will re-open on January 3.  Please call or email with any questions!

Julie Helms
PA Curriculum Exchange
25 Ridge Road; Dillsburg, PA 17019
(717) 432-9947
Open T/W noon to six
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