Update April 25, 2011

News from

The Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange

I hope you had a blessed Easter celebration this weekend.

I just wanted to send a quick reminder that this will be the final week for 20% off the catalog price for all new Alpha Omega Products. This includes Switched-On products, Lifepacs and Horizons. Horizons Math has a new 7th grade workbook program called Pre-algebra.

I also am going through the approval process now, but hope to soon (within a few weeks) be able to carry products from the Institute for Excellence in Writing (Andrew Pudewa). I will update when this happens and what products I will have!

And for those who may be interested we finally had some lambs born. Brianna gave birth two twin boys. I have a blog entry of the birth— it is very graphic but very educational. The lambs were born with an eye problem that required veterinary intervention, so if you come to look at them through the fence be aware that the eyes look a bit funky (but the problem has been fixed). This is also why I didn’t make the announcement earlier–I know some people were waiting but we had to deal with the eye problem first. I am including a cute pic below for those who don’t wish to see birthing pics! πŸ™‚

Brianna and twins

My daughter Cassie hamming it up with Fern.

Julie Helms
PA Curriculum Exchange
25 Ridge Road; Dillsburg, PA 17019
Open T/W noon to six

(717) 432-9947

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  1. Lisa says:

    Those pictures are GREAT! Love them!

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