Update March 2, 2011

News From

The Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange

New Products

We just got in a new educational game from Mindware called BrainBox!  There are four flavors: US Presidents, The USA, The World, and Nature. It comes with a set of cards, a timer and a multi-sided die.

The object of the game is to observe the picture side of the card for the length of a timer. Then there are a list of questions on the reverse which test your powers of of observation. For example from The World BrainBox:

What colors are on the flag?
Name the type of cheese shown.
What is the capital city?
Which sea borders this country
Can you name the famous statue?
What type of ship is shown?

Nature BrainBox is science, The USA and The World are Geography/Social Studies and the US Presidents is History– it all counts as schooling and the kids won’t even know! Come check them out in the store.

Consignment Highlights for this week

Math-U-See I have had a number of requests for this and these were just brought in: the Teacher kits for Alpha and Beta.

Beautiful Feet Guides

DIVE CDs for Saxon

PA Curriculum Exchange
25 Ridge Road, Dillsburg, PA 17019
(717) 432-9947     email: pace@ddogcom.net
Open T/W  noon to six
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