Update February 8, 2011

News From

The Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange

New Products

I’ve gotten in some new products that I think are very exciting–they bring out the kid in me! They are Mindware Coloring Books. I have carried them in the past, but only a few titles. There are a bunch now and they are just incredibly fun.

Design Series (5 titles)

Modern Pattern Series (5 titles)

EXTREME Dot-to-Dots (3 titles)

Color By Number

In addition to the Design Series (shown) and Modern Pattern Series (shown), there are Transformation, Scapes, Mosaics and Camouflage Creatures Series. These coloring books are not just fun but they count as educational, too. For example, the Mosaics cover Aztec and Celtic design, Archiscapes covers different styles of architecture, and there are a number of natural/ecological titles. Of course, they are all valuable for art and motor skill co-ordination practice. (And did I mention, they are fun? I’ve already done 3 pictures since they arrived a few days ago!)

Frequently Asked Question

When is a good time of year to bring in consignments?

This is an excellent question and can help you determine if your books have a good chance of selling quickly, or if they may end up sitting for a little while first. The peak of the curriculum-selling season is July, August and September. If at all possible you should have your books turned in by the beginning of that time period.

There is also a mini high-season in March and April. So if you can get them in that early even better. I realize you may not be done with them yet for the year so that won’t work, but if you have some books ready to go, the earlier the better.

I accept books year round. But if you bring them in at the end of September they are more likely to sit longer on the shelf.

Also, let me encourage you not to wait. If you know you want to consign some books and you are finished with them, then bring them in pronto. Unlike wine and cheese, curriculum does not age well– editions get updated all the time, and an old-edition book is worth a fraction of the original price if it is even still worth anything at all.

At this point, due to space considerations I am not accepting outdated editions of curriculum.

Hope to see you soon– don’t forget to redeem those coupons!

Julie Helms

PA Curriculum Exchange
25 Ridge Road, Dillsburg, PA 17019
(717) 432-9947 pace@ddogcom.net
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2 Responses to Update February 8, 2011

  1. Gilda Hein says:

    I’m so thrilled that you have opened up your own web-site. It looks beautiful, inviting, and just as welcoming and warm as your beautiful AT HOME store! What a blessing. I want to come running to your home-store just to sit and color my way through your new coloring books. Save me a few please; I think Vivianna and I will go nuts coloring in them. It is also the type of stuff my son is always drawing and coloring on his own. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Lisa says:

    These would also make nice gifts.

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