Update Jan 5, 2011

News from the

Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange

Welcome to a brand new year!  I hope all is going well with your school year, but if you need to make adjustments we are here for you.

Consignment Highlights

Tap Shoes women’s black patent leather, size 9-10, scuffed but great for practice  $5.00

Classical Music dozens of cassettes of many classical composers and music styles.  $1.00each, many still shrink-wrapped new.

Apologia Science I have every highschool title used in current edition, also older editions, plus many of the CD-Roms and DVDs.  For Marine Biology I have the slide set.  All at least 40% off (the older editions are even more off).

Speaking of Science Many lab sets (elementary age) have been brought in.  Topics include magnets, electricity, chemistry, pinhole photography, weather, bugs, frog lab (make him out of gelatin) and also a number of kids microscopes.

Did you know we have…

Books on Test Prep for the PA required standardized testing; also SAT, CLEP & AP prep books.

Mystery of History I & II: I’ve had many requests for people wanting to look at these.  Since they have not been brought in used, I purchased the set.  You are welcome to come even to just take a look.  I can also order III if wanted.

On Sale

My whole Bargain Section is Out Of Control overflowing.  The sale for the next two weeks will be everything in that section is half price.  So really cheap just went to ridiculously cheap with no single item over 50 cents.  The especially full sections are Science and Math.

This sale will go until Wednesday, January 19th. Please forward this information to any homeschooling friends and tell them to subscribe for their coupon, too!

25 Ridge Road,  Dillsburg, PA 17019
(717) 432-9947     pace@ddogcom.net
Open T/W noon-six
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  1. Laura Strickland says:

    Thanks for your store!!

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