Welcome to PACE!

Update May 1, 2023

Summer Hours in effect till end of August. Tuesday/Wednesday and Friday/Saturday 11-4.

 The Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange, or PACE, is a homeschool bookstore located in York County, PA with over 38,000 42,000 books and educational manipulatives.  We carry new and consigned items.  Most books are discounted with used items at least 40% off of retail.

The store is open Tues/Wed 12-4 and other days by appointment with 24-hour notice. I don’t take appointments on store days.

Consignments can be brought in any open day. We accept current edition curriculum, classic books, educational games, science equipment, and manipulatives.

If you subscribe to this blog you will receive updates of interesting things brought in on consignment, sales in the store and articles on homeschooling.

For payment in the store we accept cash, checks, Credit/Debit Cards, or Paypal with your smartphone.

Location: 25 Ridge Road, Dillsburg PA 17019 (Click for Mapquesthere) Be sure your GPS takes you to 25 Ridge, not 25 East Ridge.

Contact:  (717) 432-9947     or      PACEbooks@live.com (preferred)


Julie Helms

PA Curriculum Exchange 

▪ 25 Ridge Road, Dillsburg, Pa 17019

▪ PACEbooks@live.com

▪ 717-432-9947

▪ Open T/W 12-4

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13 Responses to Welcome to PACE!

  1. Anna says:

    Welcome to the web! Great look!

  2. Lisa says:

    I am looking forward to hearing about some of the consignments you get in weekly! Keep up the great work; looks and sounds great!

  3. Lia Allen says:

    So glad you are doing this. I love your store. I cannot wait to see what you have planned.


  4. jenn wiebe says:

    Hey , Greeting’s from Canada! ,it was great to read your blog an see your shop is going strong.We are sure enjoying the item’s we got from you! Next time we are on a holiday to P.A we will definetly stop there again. I encourage others to visit your treasure trove!

  5. Ellen Miller says:

    Hi! So happy to find you through my dear friend Fran. =) I’m in Texas – how can I make a purchase? Should I send an e-mail first? I’m always happy to find wonderful curriculum and supplies!

  6. dina house says:

    Julie, You have the best sense of humor, if I ever make it to PA I will come to your shop. Again you have inspired me to do a store here in ILLinois. Thanks for your commitment to the Lord and following His lead.

    Dina House

  7. Connie says:

    Do you ship any of the items?

  8. Karen says:

    Do you sell any southwestern advantage books? Looking for elementary age books. What would be the price if you did?
    Thanks much,

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